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Update on a few previous stories


The victim’s name in yesterday’s shooting at Woody’s Showclub has been released. He was Raphael Blackwell. He was 22 years old and had no criminal record except for driving without a license. I didn’t know the guy. He was barely old enough to legally get into a stripclub last time I was at one. There’s a memorial Facebook page that’s very active. A lot of people liked the guy. He’s left behind a young daughter. No word on suspects yet, but hopefully something comes out soon.

When researching this, I found this article. Apparently, this wasn’t their first gun-related problem. A few months ago, they called the police because a guy who had been told he wasn’t allowed back came back and would leave. Police saw him hide a stolen gun under his car that had apparently spent the last 35 years working its way around the black market.

Also, this scandal came up regarding a cake in a Sweden’s Moderna Museet art museum. It was apparently supposed to raise awareness of female genital mutilation in Africa but, well, just look at the link. It’s a cake in the shape of a black woman, or at least, a 1920s kitsch idea of a black woman, with an actual human head. The head was provided by the artist, in blackface, and he screamed while the cake was cut. I think I get what he was going for here, but I really get why it wasn’t appreciated, especially considering that the artist is a white guy. “Raising awareness” of an issue through questionable means that don’t actually help anyone and without really considering the people you are supposed to be helping is pretty classic white savior stuff. Culture Minister Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth is a special white lady. I wish I’d waited to write this article. I think it would have turned out better with this example.

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  1. xxxild permalink

    I’m just reading up on this Swedish art scandal now. Seems the protest is happening during the reception where these folks typically congratulate each other. So weird, I’m not sure if it fails or is a complete success.

    • And I just read the comments on that article. Ugh.

    • When I was writing this, I checked to see if Cake Wrecks had covered the story yet and was disappointed that they hadn’t.

      • xxxild permalink

        I found Cake Wrecks…I dunno, there’s just something about a cake made to replicate a Frida Kahlo painting that just doesn’t work for me. And, ugh, do I have to read the comments there too? You can’t make me!!!!!!! 🙂

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