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Murder at Woody’s


I saw a lot of fights in my time at strip clubs. I’ve written about this a little bit before. They can start for all sorts of reasons. most are guys yelling and making a few threatening moves before being dragged outside, but I’ve seen a few fights get really ugly. They can start for all sorts of reasons and occasionally, for no apparent reason. Strip clubs are dark and, on sometimes crowded. A lot of people are drunk and a few are high. They lend themselves to all kinds of toxic masculinity bullshit, too since guys try to impress each other and the strippers. Combine all these factors and you have a powder keg where it’s pretty easy to bump into one and start a brawl. I remember one time the bouncers grabbed a guy who was about to take a swing at me because I looked at his beer.

You also have all the usual bullshit. A guy decides he doesn’t want to follow the rules. He tries to climb on the stage, go into the dressing room, grope a stripper, etc, then objects when the bouncer tells him he isn’t allowed to do that and this hurts his feelings because he doesn’t like being told no. I saw a few fights like this get really ugly. Some of these guys get really revved up on liquor and testosterone and lose all common sense. I saw a guy punch a bouncer who blocked him from following a stripper into the DJ booth. This bouncer was six and half feet tall and three hundred pounds of solid muscle. He was a linebacker from the University of Iowa football team working a summer job. To customer was about a foot shorter than him and half his weight. They weren’t supposed to just beat the crap out of anybody who started a fight though. I ran and got the other bouncer on duty and they managed to remove the guy without seriously injuring him, but it wasn’t easy. In other incident, a guy apparently thought a bouncer was hitting on him and had to be removed by both owners, both bouncers and the DJ. I saw one of the owners cave in the drywall with the guy’s head. The guy had just torn his shirt off and given him a black eye and was rearing back for another bunch, so I don’t blame him.

Jealous boyfriends and stalkers are the worst, because kicking them out once often isn’t enough. I friend of Kitty’s got beaten in the bathroom when a stripper from another club came and attacked her. She thought Kitty’s friend had ripped off her tattoo. They both had “daddy’s girl” on their lower backs, but it was in different script. Their names were nothing alike and they looked nothing alike and didn’t even dance at the same strip club, so there was basically zero chance anyone would confuse them. The assailant kept claiming essentially that she was going to lose business because someone ripped ff her trademark, but this wasn’t even a little bit plausible. It’s not like it was even a particularly original tattoo. She was, at least, banned from all local clubs for some time after this.

Also at Kitty’s club, one of the dancer’s had a boyfriend who would come and sit at the bar and get drunk off his ass, then berate her in front of everyone and scream at her that she was a whore. He was asked to leave and not come back if he couldn’t behave several times. At one point, he grabbed her and shook her, took a swing at the bouncer when he stepped in, then kicked in the door on his way out. That got him banned for good. The DJ and some of the other dancers talked her into finally dumping that guy after that.

The strippers themselves can get involved. At Kitty’s club, before she started working there, a customer was just sitting at the stage and not tipping. The stripper asked him if she could have a dollar. He said no, because she was too fat. She leaned down and bit off the tip of his nose. That was the end of her stripping career anywhere nearby. While Kitty was working there, one of the strippers bit off another’s finger over a drug deal gone wrong. The victim then ran out of the dressing room screaming about how “that bitch bit off my finger” and shoving the bloody stump in customer’s faces. Luckily, the doctors were able to reattach it. A waitress had to clean up all of the blood. I’m not sure if she got a tip out of it.

I mention this because this morning, someone was murdered at Woody’s Showclub, where I used to dance. It happened in the parking lot out front. It’s not clear what happened yet, but a guy got shot and died at the hospital. I saw a lot of rough shit go down, but never saw a weapon. I don’t think the cameras can see out there, but if the guy was previously inside, he’ll be on tape. This has to be rough for the victim’s family of course, but also for the staff and strippers. This has to be scary and it could scare away customers, too. They’ve already been in a rough situation thanks to sloppy ID checking leading to hiring a few seventeen-year-olds a couple of years ago. Don’t misinterpret what I said before. There wasn’t a fight every day. They happened maybe every couple of months, but people remember these things, especially if it gets as much coverage as a murder. I hope I can go talk to the staff about it soon. I’ll definitely have more to say about this.

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  1. xxxild permalink

    Are people in general becoming more violent, or has it always been this way. Especially this biting thing. Wow…

    • From what I understand from the older dancers, it’s been that way for some time. It’s actually better now because the management makes some efforts to keep people from getting really drunk, (the full nude clubs all ban hard liquor, for instance) though the effectiveness is quite limited.

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