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Help me pick my history portfolio


It was a long path to graduation. I thought I finally had everything done, then when I check my audit, it showed me six credits short of the requirements. I called the history department. I was an error and should be fixed by Tuesday. All I have to do now is make a history portfolio and turn in my application. I need to choose three papers I wrote for history classes. So far, I’ve found eighteen, but I think there are a few on an old computer as well. I am posting them all. Please comment about which ones I should include. I’m not sure if I can tweak them before turning them in. I intend to ask on Monday. There is a list of links to all papers below the fold.

Aeneid response

Alexander the Great in the movies

Causes of the Sokoto Jihad: Leadership and Doctrine

Chinese American Cuisine: Americanization as Marketing

Courting the Muslim Vote in U.S. National Elections

Crassus movie pitch

Delayed Victory: Indian Removal and Worcester v. Georgia

Early Christianity as reconstructed from limited sources

Effects of World War I on Social Activism for African-Americans and U.S. Women

The Fictional Chinaman: Chinese in American Popular Culture 1880-1930

Greek philosophy paper

Hasegawa paper

It Makes One Recoil

The Nature of Change in Peronism

Outlooks and Empire: Personal Motivations and the Philippine-American War

Presenting Pinochet

Response to Augustine’s Confessions

Slavery and Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa: How Two Institutions shaped Each Other

Chinese American Cuisine: Americanization as Marketing

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