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Damn you, WordPress


I just spent the last two hours writing an article about why it’s a shame that old video games aren’t constantly re-evaluated the way that old films are. When I hit the publish button, it took me to the log-in screen. I logged in and found that all of my work had been lost. This exact issue is the main reason that I left Xanga.

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  1. Daniel permalink

    What’s your browser?

    I’m using Chrome. I do that all the time. Not the two hour part, more like twenty minutes.

    Usually I can get the text back by just pressing back on my browser a couple of times. Not always, but often enough to be useful.

    WordPress of course should be storing drafts. I don’t blog… But I’m surprised they haven’t implemented that. But then again, I’m also surprised they haven’t implemented previews or editing.

    Ah well.

    Sorry for the frustration, anyway.

  2. I’m using Firefox. It does store drafts, but you’re SOL if your log-in times out. Pressing back just got me a blank box to enter text.

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