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The most insulting thing


Since my friend Kitty isn’t around to tell her stories anymore, I thought I should try to record the ones I remember. I’m at an advantage for this one because I was there. She was working as a dancer at the local topless bar and didn’t have her own vehicle, so I would usually show up a few minutes before close to give her a ride home.

In this case, I saw a man standing in front of the DJ booth, near the door, with his hoodie pulled down over his face. He seemed to be trying to look at the floor as much as possible so as to avoid eye contact with anyone. Kitty finished up a last-call private dance and headed for the dressing room, which meant walking right past the guy on her way around the stage. He stopped her and whispered something in her ear. She just went to the dressing room and he skulked out.

On the way home, I asked her what that was about. She said he had offered her fifty dollars to go home with him. I started laughing. She said it wasn’t insulting to have him assume she was a prostitute. The insulting part was that he thought she was only worth fifty dollars, when she’d made almost that much doing private dances for ten minutes right before he approached her. I wonder if Craigslist has gotten reduced this problem for strippers at all lately.

I checked her old posts on Stripper Web to see if she had said anything about this when I was writing it up. She hadn’t, but I did find this old post of mine from October 14th, 2007 where I elaborated on something I wrote about previously.

This may be the ultimate club drama

Reprinted from the Cedar Rapids Gazette

CEDAR RAPIDS – A dancer at a Cedar Rapids strip club faces an assault charge after she was accused of biting and nearly severing a fellow performer’s finger this week, court records show.

Jasmine A. Summerville, 21, of Green Bay, Wis., was performing at Dancers Ranch, 7000 Sixth St. SW, when the assault happened Wednesday, said Cedar Rapids Police Lt. Charles Mincks. He said another stripper, 26-year-old Amber L. Ross, of 814 Third Ave. SW, was “screaming” and approaching Summerville in a “threatening manner.” Summerville allegedly bit Ross’ finger when it was pointed into her face.

Summerville was charged with a misdemeanor count of assault causing bodily injury, and Ross was charged with a misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct.

Both women were allowed to bond out of jail on their own recognizance, Mincks said.

My ex works at this club, though she was not working there this particular night. There are several inaccuracies in the article. One is they got the wrong address for Dancers Ranch. The other is that the finger was not nearly severed. If was bitten clean off, meaning the new waitress was sent into the restroom to clean up all the blood and find it. (I hope someone tipped her for this.) It was reattached. Meanwhile, Amber was running through the club screaming about how that bitch bit her finger off and shoving the bloody stump in customer’s faces, which had to be bad for business at least the rest of the night.

Some of you may remember me posting about one dancer cornering another in this same restroom last here and assaulting her, messing up her knee and possibly contributing to her miscarriage. The year before that, another dancer bit a customer for calling her fat. They don’t really seem to have done anything about the problems. Well, now they’ve banned both people involved for life, though this makes at least the third time for Amber, who was at least previously sleeping with one of the owners. I’m not up on the latest.

This is a recurring problem. The owners/managers seem to be in the business to sell alcohol and sleep with strippers, not run a proper club and always get involved around the same time as the police, so drama is entirely out of control relative to any other club in the area. It bothers me my ex works there when they have these sorts of cultural problems, especially considering she was injured by a customer last year who grabbed her in private dance when the bouncer was too busy watching the girl on stage to pay attention. All the more respectable, better managed clubs in the area are nude though and she’ll only do topless.

She was wondering what witty comments I’d have about this on my blog, but I just don’t see any humor. Perhaps those of you who don’t know those involved will be more amused. To me, a woman who, granted, had severe personal problems and needed to be fired as she caused a great deal of the club’s drama but I still did like to some degree on a personal level is maimed. Finger reattachment, while ultimately worth the money, is not cheap and she has no insurance and no job to pay for it. I doubt she could work in other fields, though I have a dim hope this will cause some sort of epiphany. Also, biting someone’s finger off is apparently a misdemeanor. Amber did start it, but biting off someone’s finger is just beyond the pale no matter how cornered you are.

To this, another stripper replied:

That’d be my last job as a cocktail… Sometimes the tip just can’t be big enough…

Kitty explained:

hm.. she kinda seemed to think it was “fukkin awesome”

I think she likes drama and gore….

A guy responded:

Next time I drive through Iowa, remind me to NOT stop at this club.

To which she said:

aww, but what about those of us who work there and AREN’T psycho bitches??

It IS the only club in the area that isn’t a full-nude BYOB

I think this is an interesting point. Iowa, like most states, doesn’t allow full-nude dancing in bars. This means you have topless clubs, which otherwise wouldn’t exist, which creates work opportunities for women who are willing to show boobs, but not crotch. On the other hand, a bar basically has strippers to get customers to show up and buy alcohol. Stripping isn’t their main line of business, which can cause conflicts of interest with the strippers themselves. For instance, the full-nude clubs all ban hard liquor to minimize the number of super-drunks that they deal with. This would be counter-productive for a bar. Antis pretty much only address this in terms of people being pressured into doing things they don’t want to for money, but that isn’t the main way it affects the strippers on the ground. I’ll keep searching her old writing for anything she wrote about her time at the strip club and telling anything I can remember. I want her to be heard.

P.S. If any Dancer’s Ranch people see this, please keep in mind it is a reflection of personal opinion and also is four-and-a-half years old. I make no claim about how the place is run currently.

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