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Trackbacks are a wonderful tool. They let you know what other people are writing about you and help readers find new blogs on topics that interest them. (For those unfamiliar with blog tech, if you link another blog with a compatible platform, it auto-generates a notice on that article so people will be led from the article you are writing about to yours.) However, some people abuse them for hits when they are not actually responding to or referencing another article, just trying to siphon traffic. I’ve noticed an annoying trend of blogs with no commentary whatsoever. They are only aggregators that link to a certain topic or worse, anything they come across. People follow the links from the people who actually produce content, then the operators get paid a little for each hit they got for no work. The whole thing is run by bots, so there’s basically just free money once you get it running.

Trackbacks also told me about another kind of bot: Apparently, these ones steal whole articles, so it looks like they are producing content. Someone stole my article from yesterday about how prostitution is not synonymous with sex slavery. (This is only a handful of hits away from being my most popular article ever less than twenty-four hours after going up.) They stole it with links intact, so Natalie got a trackback on an old article I linked to, which is how I found out. What can I do? I worked hard on this and don’t appreciate being ripped off, not credited and someone else raking in the money. What should I do?

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  1. MichaelD permalink

    Depends on where the stolen article was posted. You could try talking to the person at the blog or failing that go talk to the site hosting it?

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