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Cause of death


Cause of death is finally in for my best friend, Kitty, who died at 29 about three months ago. It was atherosclerosis. She even had an angiogram a couple years ago when she had an arterial dissection. It must not have been advanced enough to see yet. Apparently, fatal heart attacks are fairly common with no previous symptoms are fairly common. She was young and female. The only risk factor she has was smoking. She quit for my birthday a few years ago because I was worried about her health and she didn’t have any money to buy me anything, but it didn’t stick.

Knowing doesn’t make things any better. She’s still just as gone. I’m not sure if I’m relieved it was no one’s fault or more angry because there’s no one to blame. She’s dead for no reason except bad luck and I’ll never see her again or even know exactly why she had a heart attack. Everyone dies, but she should have had more than twice as long. It isn’t fair.

The Wikipedia article has a claim that massive vitamin C doses prevent it. This is an infamous medical theory of everything that’s pure quackery. Considering lack of adequate medical care is likely a good part of what killed her, this really burns.

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