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Competing with the corporations


This is why I gave up on my attempt to be a YouTube personality and went for the written word. Everybody hates the big entertainment companies, but it’s hard to compete on the same level. We’re all basically on even terms when it come to writing. I have a relatively high-end point and shoot camera, so I can make a video that looks decent, but where can I shoot it? I can just find a spot in my house where the paint is evenly applied and the walls aren’t soot-stained from the previous tobacco-loving residents and try to bring in a few lamps to light it decently,or I could spend a few hundred dollars and a few days making a set that wouldn’t be very impressive. I can just talk at the camera, then uploading the resulting file or spend a lot of time learning how to edit, then doing the edits. If an amateur wants to compete with slick corporate material, they have to basically work long hours for no pay and probably spend money to get there.

When it comes to writing and the WordPress platform, what does Slate have that I don’t? A few web designers? Paychecks? None of these are required to produce content. Granted, some of their writers are better, but I know plenty of amateurs who put any pro to shame, but aren’t sufficiently mass-market in their style. Writing has always been the most democratic medium and that’s more true on the web where self-publishing is trivial. The only real advantage the pros have is an ability to pitch to an audience better by advertising their content.

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