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So how’s that old content coming?


The import of my Blogspot was as easy as clicking a button a couple time. I only have four YouTube videos, so that was not difficult to do manually. My problem now is that I have over fourteen hundred Xanga posts I want to import. Xanga doesn’t play nice with other platforms. In fact, that’s a big part of why I quit blogging before. I was sick of Xanga’s problems and didn’t have a convenient way to move to another platform. It also helps that since I haven’t used anything but Xanga very much, I’m not familiar with the tech most places use. I’ve never used RSS feeds, twitter, trackback, widgets  or any of that stuff. Here is what seems to be the situation thus far:

Xanga has an option to export to a file. Some did make a tool to import these files to WordPress, but it was a couple years ago and I don’t know if it still works with the current version of Xanga. This option is only available to premium users, so even though I made ad revenue for them for years, I’d have to pay to use it. Plus, it doesn’t import blog titles, so I’d still need to manually edit more than fourteen hundred posts.

I could import from an RSS feed, but Xanga only will display 10 posts at a time. This is easier than manually copying and pasting every post, but very time consuming.

It remains to be seen how format will translate. Back when I started my Xanga, the default was white on black, which I never changed. I suspect I’ll have to fix a lot of text colors if I ever get import working.

When I was going through Xanga I found several topics I started, but never finished and left unposted (or on private, which is closest Xanga allows). Some of them might actually be good to update and finish.

I also still need to go through Facebook and copy some stuff in manually. That will be a big pain, but there’s relatively less of it to do.

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