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A re-introduction

The thing about these early posts is you don’t have any readers, so no sense burning through my best material already. I’ll try to give a bit of background:
I’m 31 and live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I come from a conservative Christian background that’s about as nutty as you can be before you completely disconnect from society. For those of you unfamiliar with the movement: My family is Pentecostal. I grew up hearing about how great homeschooling, courtship and all the hallmarks of the fringes were, but not knowing a lot of people that actually did them. My parents certainly tried. I was homeschooled or put in private Christian school up through fifth grade, but made such a pain of myself that my mom didn’t want me around the house anymore. My dad wanted twelve kids, but my mom cut him off at five. Since I had been so much trouble, my youngest two siblings ended up in the public school system for their entire education. If you are reading this, you’re welcome.
I’m not one of those people you read about who got dragged to church and never believed. I envy those people. They are certainly cleverer than I. When I was young, I bought the whole thing: literal six-day creation, Christians being oppressed, popular music and movies as an instrument of Satan, Satanic covens kidnapping and sacrificing children, God answering prayer, you name it. Looking back, it’s hard to pinpoint where exactly I started doubting. I was definitely still all-in in seventh grade and had some doubts by tenth. My belief eroded a little at a time over several years and was largely done in by the church’s own hubris. I hope to cover this in great detail later. Similarly, I was raised a conservative libertarian and I’m now one of those liberals that hates America and a hairy-legged feminist like you hear about in the conservative press.
My parents had no money to send me to college, so I’ve been scraping by bit by bit. I should finish my BA in American History in a few months. I’m hoping to get into law school after this, but have no idea how I’ll pay for it. I’ve worked mostly in customer service, but with a stint here and there as a male stripper, which not only leads to many humorous anecdotes, but also gave me a perspective on feminism I’d previously lacked. This is something else I hope to detail later.
I’m an ardent movie watcher, with a collection of over two thousand movies and TV shows. I’m also one of those people who wrecks the fun in thing by being all academic. I hope to ruin Star Trek, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for all of you at some point in the future.
Since I grew up with such a messed up background, I didn’t know what to do with women and didn’t date until I was twenty-four. My first girlfriend struggled with cocaine and alcohol addiction as well as self-harm and depression. Growing up, addicts had always been those other people. You know the ones: they leach off the government and have no redeeming value. She was full of redeeming value. She and I were best friends until her death about two months ago. She was one of the most compassionate people I’ve ever known. I learned a lot about the people behind the political boogey-men and about the broken priorities of public health care. Since she defined most of my adult life, she will feature heavily in many stories.
My current girlfriend is a trans woman. I still haven’t told my parents and am not sure how to even go about this. My father has previously expressed that he thinks God is disgusted by men trying to be women, so you will get to see an awkward situation unfold in real time.
In addition to stories about my life, I will feature all the standard blog post genres such as linking to news stories about people, then expressing my disapproval of said people, complaining about home maintenance, cute pictures of pets and diatribes about how no one but me knows what they are talking about. If I do have any readers, I hope y’all stick around.

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  1. Sophia permalink

    Love it, great background hon, go for it. Loves! Oh your trans gal sounds hot!

  2. Lesha permalink

    “My father has previously expressed that he thinks got” -> “… god”

  3. Fixed, thanks.

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