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I used to blog basically daily. I dropped off for several reason:

  • I couldn’t write about the stuff I cared about most thanks to a friend not wanting the exposure.
  • I lost Internet access for a while thanks to the 2008 Iowa flood and never got back in the swing of things.
  • Facebook has filled the psychological niche blogging used to as I can post links and tell people what I think about them and my friends could comment.
  • The Xanga platform is crap, but that’s where my readers were. I got increasingly frustrated with spending hours on a post, then having it disappear.

However, now I want to come back.

  • A lot of my friends are bloggers and I can’t let them have all the glory.
  • WordPress seems to be everything I was always frustrated Xanga wasn’t.
  • Facebook is a terrible blogging platform as old stuff is nigh-impossible to find and the format is terribly unflexible. This can be a major issue when you want to comment on multiple links.
  • I have a lot to write about again.
  • I spent several years and almost twenty thousand dollars getting this degree in American History. If it can’t get me a job, I should still do something with it.

I have to figure out how to import stuff from previous blogs, including Facebook and YouTube stuff, so this won’t be the top post for long. I also need to figure out how to make WordPress’s link tool function. In the meantime, go to these places:

Here are topics I hope to cover in the future. Pester me if I don’t get to them.

Hannah’s death and funeral

Kitty’s death and funeral


  • Vague courtship and quiverfull ideals as they play out in a church that’s only a little crazy
  • Deconversion
    • Misogyny in the church
    • Poor reasoning
    • Lies
      • Urban legends in sermons
      • the straw skeptics
      • condoms
  • Lots of stuff about camp
  • Bad morals
  • Apologetics vs. why people actually believe
    • Francis Schaffer and how my dad bought his bullshit
    • Conceptions of history (There is more evidence that Jesus Christ rose from the dead then that Napoleon Bonaparte ever lived.
    • Home school
      • curriculum
      • theoretical justification
      • getting expelled
      • Christianity and urban legends
      • tokenism vs diversity
      • the good points
      • The alleged challenges of colleges vs the real ones
      • The Satanic panic
      • not having a TV
      • Abstinence teachings (including Purity Bear)

This is related to deconversion, but how I went from being a whiny conservative to a liberal who has all the sex.

  • Gay marriage
  • public health care
  • employment policies
  • crime

Bad parenting

  • Interfering vs. minding your own business.
  • What is the philosophical justification of the institution of parenting?
  • My relationship with my parents.

The flood

Parents relationship with each other

  • descent into pop culture
  • evolving views on the gay

My relationship with Sophia

  • Do I tell my parents?
  • Conservative views
  • Fights with Natalie
  • Fights with Kitty

Substance abuse and Kitty

Redeeming features of media

  • Sexism in Star Trek

Try to do that Turtle-a-day thing

Maybe a Pony-a-day as well

Why is it that when a cat starts groping a strange woman, it’s called kneading and it’s funny, but when I start groping a strange woman, it’s called misdemeanor sexual assault and it’s very serious.

Anti-Sharia and my dad’s views

My parents’ views on violent video games, vs my views as a kid vs now

same with porn

Why I can’t go to strip clubs anymore

Catching wild animals as pets

The evolution of data mobility, aka you kids don’t know how easy you have it

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