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More on last night and Xanga vs Blogspot


It seems that Panda and his girlfriend read entirely too much into the fact that I am a fan of the show “Weeds” (largely because it is so reasonably priced on Blu-ray) and the Harold & Kumar movies & figured I seemed like a guy who be cool with them smoking pot in my house. Just in case I wasn’t cool though, they’ve better try to do it covertly. After leaving his room, they went downstairs, ate a frozen pizza and some nachos and watched Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical (which I watched today. It’s quite good.) and Puff, Puff, Pass. A little consulting with my friends says it is not unreasonable to throw his ass out. It doesn’t help his girlfriend has been increasingly bitchy. Today, she went on a rant about how my house has boxes everywhere. She’s correct, but this is largely because my parlor is full of Panda’s stuff, leaving me little place to put anything.

I’ve been reading my book on Alexander, which finally arrived, and find myself frustrated keeping the characters straight. (Note: Since this is Greece, you can’t keep them all that straight.) So far, there are two Alexanders, two Philips, two Cleopatras (neither of whom is the famous one), two Bagoases (Bagoi?) and two Pausaniases (Pausani?). The cultures of the time apparently had only a handful of names available. To his credit, the editor is explaining this well in his footnotes.

I’ve been missing many of Xanga’s features lately. While Blogspot has a better spell-check and doesn’t lose posts, it still doesn’t have track-back, which doesn’t seem available free in general and, more upsettingly, lacks Xanga’s footprints feature that told me who had visited. I have no idea if anyone has read even a single post here. I’d like a stable home, but must determine where.

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