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Well, I couldn’t get backdate working


So here’s what happened the last few days: On Friday I realized about 40 pages of my textbook were missing, creating further delays in a class where I’m already on a tight schedule. Google book shows no area libraries with the book, so I have to wait for a new copy in the mail. I’ll have to explain academics in detail later.

Someone, I assume one of my neighbors, went and stole my rhubarb. It was about ready to harvest, then it was gone. I will have to keep an eye on it now and I was robbed of my opportunity to make rhubarb crisp. Hopefully, I’ll get another batch this summer. Meanwhile, they have not stolen things like my brother’s two dead cars or the picnic table I wish to dispose of.

My car was damaged in December when someone changed lanes as I was trying to merge onto I-80. They took off my driver’s side mirror and put a small crack in the front driver’s fender. Today, I was backing out at work and for some reason, started turning, even though I was parked next to the support. I put a large crack in the same fender and also scraped up the bumper. There’s no more delaying this repair. In fact, if I’d had the mirror fixed months ago, I probably wouldn’t have done this because I would have seen the support. For that matter, if I hadn’t spent so long in the bathroom this morning, I would have walked to work. It’s annoying how all sorts of random occurrences can pile up to be a week or two’s salary.

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