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A chat transcript from OKCupid


The following is presented unedited:

[12:05:02 pm]rickylong03:bi/black male/26/Iowa City area/5’10″/muscular/7″ thick cut here…. I would love to give you some free head. Wanna cum in my mouth today and walk away with no strings attached?

[12:17:31 pm]rickylong03:You gona take me up on my offer?

[12:19:13 pm]AceOfSevens:My friend says you messaged her a few months ago and claimed to be a doctor. If I were gay, I think I would prefer theater gay to gym gay and also I could get plenty of free head closer to home.

[12:19:36 pm]rickylong03:I’m bi

[12:19:39 pm]AceOfSevens:But seriously, mass messaging straight guys probably isn’t effective.

[12:19:55 pm]rickylong03:How do you know?

[12:20:03 pm]rickylong03:Have you messaged straight guys?

[12:21:05 pm]rickylong03:It sounds to me that if you know you can get head from a theater then you’re not straight. ๐Ÿ™‚

[12:21:14 pm]AceOfSevens:I’ve seen guys try similar things at bars with little success and the straight guys on here generally aren’t even drunk.

[12:21:43 pm]rickylong03:Again, how would you know that unless you have experience with it?

[12:22:20 pm]AceOfSevens:Alsso, messaaging people for casual sex when their profile says they aren’t interested in causual sex is rude.

[12:23:11 pm]rickylong03:No… Pretending to be straight when you’re gay is rude. Think about it.

[12:23:14 pm]AceOfSevens:When guys do that to women, they are generally considered jackasses

[12:23:31 pm]rickylong03:So now you see yourself as a woman? Interesting.

[12:25:14 pm]AceOfSevens:I’m say If you behaved like this toward a woman, you’d (correctly) be considered a jerk. Trying to free peopel from their sexual illusions isn’t a good justification for jackassery.

[12:26:02 pm]rickylong03:Sorry, I don’t speak dumbass.

[12:26:22 pm]rickylong03:If you’re interested then act on it, else shut the fuck up!

[12:26:58 pm]AceOfSevens:Says the guy who’s messaged me multiple times when my profile says I’m straight and not interested in casual sex.

[12:28:12 pm]rickylong03:I didn’t read your dumb ass profile… You look gay so I acted. Oh, news flash, more than half the guys that list themselves as straight do so cause they are not “out” yet. So stew on that one.

[12:28:26 pm]AceOfSevens:On what list?

[12:28:57 pm]rickylong03:Dumb ass… List on their profile that they are straight… Try to follow along or am I going too fast?

[12:29:52 pm]AceOfSevens:So you are claimign over half of men who go to the trouble of creating an internet profile to attract women are actually gay?

[12:30:28 pm]AceOfSevens:Besides, even if I were gay, what makes you think I’m interested in anonymously solicitation just because you work out?

[12:30:35 pm]rickylong03:No, they are actually bi… Just like me they like pussy but want to play with cock.

[12:32:11 pm]rickylong03:1st… You are gay… 2nd, every guy has to blow his load every so many days… Sometimes its in some good pussy, and sometimes its jacking off…. And sometimes, its in some fags mouth ๐Ÿ™‚

[12:33:26 pm]AceOfSevens:So you are soliciting me for anonymous gay sex, yet still have masculinity issues that someone might think you are gay. Since you are soliciting straight guys using gays slurs and hide your face on your profile, I am guessing you look down on gays, yet don’t have the courage to come out yourself.

[12:34:39 pm]rickylong03:There is no crime in being in the closet. Maybe if there weren’t so many homophobes then I would show my face but until then, I only show it to other bi/gay guys.

[12:35:12 pm]rickylong03:I only look down on people trying to slam someone for being themselves like you’re doing to me.

[12:36:10 pm]rickylong03:And for the record, there is nothing wrong with a quick hook-up. Especially since most people have so many shitty little hang-ups.

[12:40:51 pm]AceOfSevens:I didn’t say there is. That’s why the site has options for people who are interested in them. That doesn’t mwan that you’re king shit, get to assume that everyone is intereested in a hook-up and get all emo when someone who’s profile says they aren’t interested in fact isn’t. Now I knwo how straight women feel.

[12:41:58 pm]AceOfSevens:I sympathize with the closet, but soliciting straight guys strikes as a bad strategy for hiding

[12:41:58 pm]rickylong03:Again you are with seeing yourself as a straight woman… Wow, would you prefer if I took you out to dinner before I sucked you off?

[12:44:12 pm]AceOfSevens:No, I find the whole concept of taking someone to dinner sexist and outmoded, but what I’m saying is all the straight women I know are sick of being treated as sex objected by guys with a bug up their ass about how they have to prove their masculinity through their sexual prowess.

[12:46:25 pm]rickylong03:What? You realize you’re sounding more gay by the second… I just wanted a hook-up… simple. If you want the best blowjob of your life then lets make it happen. If you want to get fucked then I can do that too. Or maybe, you like to be the one giving head… whatever. Just tell me what you want so we can stop chatting and get ourselves a good nut.

[12:47:03 pm]AceOfSevens:I knew a guy like you, only straight, or at least he claimed that. He messaged basically every woman in the area without reading their profiles figuring at least a few woudl want to hook up.

[12:48:00 pm]rickylong03:So how about it… lets have some fun.

[12:48:03 pm]AceOfSevens:Granted, he was right in at least two cases, but but he pissed off dozens more.

[12:48:27 pm]rickylong03:I’m not trying to piss you off… I want to get you off. ๐Ÿ™‚

[12:48:49 pm]rickylong03:Lets meet and see what happens.

[12:49:01 pm]AceOfSevens:I take it you aren’t having luck with any of the other peopel you are messaging.

[12:49:38 pm]rickylong03:I could say the same about you since you seem to be spending alot of time arguing with me.

[12:50:15 pm]rickylong03:so be honest, you are a little gay right?

[12:50:15 pm]AceOfSevens:Except I’m not trying to hook up wiith anyone, so this can’t be judged in comparison to my other goals.

[12:51:24 pm]AceOfSevens:Although I don’t think I’m having anymore success getting you to realize the folly of your ways.

[12:51:46 pm]rickylong03:If you’re not trying to hook up then you must have just jerked off… That doesn’t mean you on any higher ground… It just means you took care of your horniness before I did.

[12:51:58 pm]rickylong03:Anyway, are we going to hook up or what?

[12:52:30 pm]rickylong03:Before I let you go, be honest… You’ve been guys before haven’t you?

[12:52:31 pm]AceOfSevens:Let’s say, just for the sake of argument, that I am gay and only like guys who can be honest about their homosexuality rather than being a homophobe in public while secretly hooking up in park resstrooms.

[12:52:49 pm]AceOfSevens:I’ve been a guy pretty much all the time, yes.

[12:52:49 pm]rickylong03:Is that your issue?

[12:53:31 pm]rickylong03:I’m not secretly hooking up in bathrooms and gloryholes.

[12:54:25 pm]AceOfSevens:Just in your apartment after making sure the nighbors bdidn’t see or in a bar well away from home?

[12:54:58 pm]AceOfSevens:Dear god man, you live in the Iowa City Metro, not hicksville Nebraska

[12:55:21 pm]AceOfSevens:Hold, is your name Reggie, by chance?

[12:55:34 pm]rickylong03:I’m making a straight up contact and offering a little fun. Honestly speaking, I’d love to have a relationship but people come with so much shit that it isn’t worth it. And when you do get along with someone, then you’re not compatible sexually. So, I’m bypassing the bullshit…

[12:55:49 pm]rickylong03:No, My name is ricky but I think I know the reggie you’re talking about.

[12:56:24 pm]rickylong03:You know there are actually more than one black guy in Iowa city.

[12:56:32 pm]AceOfSevens:My ex-girlfriend was his boyfriend’s fag hag

[12:56:57 pm]AceOfSevens:But probably only a couple really ripped black gay guys with masculinity issues.

[12:57:21 pm]rickylong03:See… That’s why I don’t show my face… This is too small an area to risk being discovered like that.

[12:58:05 pm]rickylong03:Hey, I appreciate the irritating conversation and all but I’m still kinda horny.

[12:58:18 pm]AceOfSevens:Ok. I do know a guy who got the shit beaten out of him at Lakeside about a year ago, so I can understand

[12:58:44 pm]AceOfSevens:Well, bterr luck with the other guys, then.

[12:59:38 pm]rickylong03:If you should change your mind and want to try something different then contact me and I’ll get you off how ever you want it. But, just do talk so much.

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  1. Sophia permalink

    LOL, I cannot believe this guy stuck it out so long ( pun intended) to chat, my guess is he recognized you. Also I do find it sad that you think taking a woman to dinner is sexist and outmoded and that angle actually supports the feminist movement as opposed to a case by case basis for each woman as it should be.

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