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Why couldn’t our mouths be intelligently designed?


Due to sometimes being without dental insurance and other times disliking making appointments, I still have an upper set of wisdom teeth that should have been removed a decade ago. I actually had a dentist’s appointment a few weeks ago where I planned to get an x-ray which was to be used to make an extraction plan. Apparently, they were too busy to do it. I have a killer headache. I had plenty of time to write tonight, but find myself lacking the concentration.

A few weeks ago, I finally got my front teeth fixed. When I say fixed, I mean not really. To my great disappointment, there has been no new fabulous dental technology that allows smalls parts of teeth to be replaced. I had broken most of the edge off one of my upper middle incisors and the corner off the other. This was “fixed” by just filing the ends off my teeth. Enough was missing that it couldn’t really be made to look natural and I now just have blunt ends instead of the natural shearing edge. I think that was a lot of the problem though. My teeth were quite sharp, which meant they were thin on the end, which is why the broke. I also have noticed three cracks. Apparently, nothing can be done about this, but they are likely superficial.

The filing work means I can kiss women (or men, I suppose) without cutting their mouths. Also, I no longer having to live with a constantly lacerated lower lip, which is a relief because I enjoy spicy food.

I also got a long-standing cavity in a rear molar filled. It is now more temperature sensitive than it was with the cavity. It makes me reluctant to use the left side of my mouth much and I’ve always been afraid I would end up with a lopsided face by causing uneven development of my jaw muscles. Granted, I don’t do much heavy chewing of things that are especially cold or hot.

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